2021 Q1 Update (& Videos!)

Hi everyone,

Let’s all think back to Valentine’s Day… a time for love, a time for chocolates, flowers, loneliness, and also the day the bathroom of our rental burnt down. This necessitated a few tasks: finding a new place, relocating to a hotel and then the new place, negotiating with our insurers, hiring recovery crews, trying to get said recovery crews to answer the phone, arguing with said recovery crews once they did answer the phone, etc. etc. etc.

I’m really, really grateful to a couple of groups who have kept the music coming, pandemic and house fire aside. In February, the Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble commissioned and released a new arrangement of mine for their “…and US!” series. In March, the Mizzou University Percussion Ensemble shared a new video recording of my percussion quartet, Table Top Indie Schlock.

Upcoming show of note:

Sunday April 11th, 6pm CDT: The University Concert Series welcomes Invoke to the University of Missouri, Columbia. Columbia folks, there are still a few tickets available! This is the first time my music will be played to a live audience in over a year. My piece is a part of Invoke’s American Postcards program.

And in personal updates:

  • 2021 opened strong when my bathroom burned down (see above)
  • Got to sit in a fire truck for the first time in like ten years
  • Busier than ever teaching music and recording technology at the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia
  • Got my instruments back from the cleaners so stay tuned for more polka band and perhaps other low ensemble goodness
  • Flexed my video editing chops by making a nice sea-shanty-adjacent meme

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