October/November News

Hi everyone,

More backdated content! Woo! I was exuberant to receive this recording from the guys at invoke, which was recorded some months ago at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver. That’s possibly the furthest north my music has ever been played.

Grab some the details about The Ballad of the Young King Gambrinus or check out the new recording below! If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to exhilarating and always-fresh monthly streams from invoke on their Patreon. I rarely recommend livestream concert content because I demand the right to buy $5 PBRs with my live music, but these guys are doing it right.

One upcoming “show” of note:

Mon. Dec. 7th, 7pm CDT: members of the Mizzou Percussion Studio release their video recording of Table Top Indie Schlock on Mizzou’s Monday Mashup series.

And in personal updates:

  • I’m riding for Postmates now (boo exploitive gig economy!), so you can order $5 PBRs right to your door in the Columbia MO “metro area” (lol).
  • That gig fits nicely with my new position as a tape and cam op at the Mizzou Music Dept. (woo part-time music gig economy)
  • the polka band got one last shot at shows before the weather gets too dastardly for outdoor performances:

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One thought on “October/November News

  1. Again, your music suggests a slight influence of Ives with a little P.D.Q. Bach thrown in for fun! I’m also involved in BLM among other things. Know you are quite occupied at this time, so take care of yourself and your priorities before giving my musical efforts any time or attention. Stay safe!


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