About the Composer


Hi, I’m Niko. I like rock n’ roll, spirited conversation, donkey work, and crowded rooms. I wear many hats and dislike sitting still. I am trying to learn to ask better questions and to listen more carefully. I burn both ends of the candle and someday I won’t.

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Short biography:

Niko D. Schroeder’s compositions span a wide array of genres, from contemporary classical to punk rock. Meaningful communication, emotional resonance, and a focus on the communal aspects of music are central to Niko’s work. His music is also informed by his omnivorous musical and academic practices: he won the 2017 Grand Valley State University Concerto Competition and has presented his research on identity and ethics in American music across the Midwestern United States and abroad.

Niko is a practiced artist and tour manager, rock and jazz arranger, sound engineer and recordist, intermedia collaborator, nonprofit fundraiser, and bandleader. Current and recent projects include his brass-pop outfit The Lake Effects, a contemporary classical focused tuba quartet, a polka band, a series of extended-technique etudes for tuba, and an experimental electronic/spoken-word duo.

Niko recently graduated from Grand Valley State University, where he was named the 2015/16 and 16/17 Composer of the Year and was awarded the highest distinction for student contributions to the university. Other accolades include awards from the Donald Sinta Quartet Composition Competition and GVSU New Music Ensemble Microworks Competition. His works have been performed by the GVSU Varsity Men’s Glee Club, Origin Brass Quintet, and others across the United States.