December 2021: Them Post-Octoberfest Blues

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to be playing a bit and to be being played a bit following the slow year we collectively agreed to last year (we agreed, right? Right?!). The coming weeks are mixed bag, but it’s my busiest week in a long time. I hope you’ll tune in from Michigan, Missouri, or online if you need your fix of tuba polka holiday classics or people hitting aluminum cans. Read on.

Upcoming shows:

Thursday, Dec 2nd, 7:30pm CST (that’s today!): Lindenwood University Percussion Ensemble takes on To Beginnings in St. Charles, MO. More info here.

Saturday, Dec 4th, 7pm CST: Mizzou University Percussion Ensemble premieres To Beginnings Two, which is like To Beginnings but with more cans to hit. Stream it here or attend live at the Sinquefield Music Building in Columbia, MO.

Saturday, Dec 4th, 6-9pm EST: The Bierkeller Boys polka the night away at the Old Goat in Grand Rapids, MI

Sunday, Dec. 5th, 12-4pm EST: The Bierkeller Boys polka the afternoon away at the Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids’ Christmas Party. There may still be tickets available.

Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble recently released another video from there “…and us!” series, arranged by yours truly and expertly played by Pomplamoose and the GVSUNME:

And in personal updates:

  • I’m working at Lindervox Sound in Columbia, MO, and I’m managing the Columbia Civic Orchestra this season
  • I again helped the GVSU New Music Ensemble with sound reinforcement on their National Parks tour, this time out east.
  • And, of course, at this point this newsletter is basically predicated on a new, poorly edited concept piece, so here’s that.
  • Oh right, I got engaged! (and we got a painting of the engagement!) And we saw mountains while we got engaged!

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