The Ballad of the Young King Gambrinus

The Ballad of the Young King Gambrinus | singing bowed & fretted string quartet | 9″ | 2019
commissioned | invoke & the Beerthoven Concert Series, Austin TX
premiered | invoke @ Beerthoven Concert Series, Saengerrunde Hall, Austin TX
recording | invoke @ Fox Cabaret, Vancouver BC

My freshly-emigrated Pomeranian grandparents prospered in the new world, schlepping kegs for the greatest beer company of all time: Pabst Blue Ribbon. To this day, the Pabst courtyard is presided over by a German-American icon—King Gambrinus, the Patron Saint of Beer—depicted in cast aluminum as should be all great men.

Neither truly a saint nor a king, Gambrinus’s story was one of legend: a failed musician and scorned lover overcome by despair, captured in the plot of a disguised devil. Radically underappreciated (until now), his unquestionably true, absolutely provable journey is recounted by invoke in narrative song.

Other performances:

invoke @ Beerthoven Concert Series, Saengerrunde Hall, Austin TX
invoke @ Clefworks, Montgomery AL
invoke @ Portland Chamber Music Festival Sal(o)on Series, Maine Craft Distilling, Portland ME

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