September News

Hi everyone,

In lieu of professional, in-person events, I’m uploading new-to-you, backdated content (content!). The first, moves, was my Masters thesis here at Mizzou, and was recently featured on the university’s inaugural episode of the Monday Mashup Series. The piece’s elements–chess, animations, and music–each take the lead at various moments, and I hope the video demonstrates the immense amount of effort that was taken to coordinate the three constituent parts. Send me a nod if you wanna see the 10,000+ row spreadsheet where the magic happened.

I’m so psyched on Khemia Ensemble’s intercontinental video recording that I’m featuring it on my videos’ homepage — go check it out. Someday it will have its own landing page.

Not many shows these days but here they are:

Thurs. Sept. 24th, 7pm CDT: An excerpt of Construction, performed by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble, is featured as part of a fundraising celebration for the University of Missouri, Columbia. A full video will be available to the public soon.

Friday/Sat. Sept. 24-25 & Friday Oct 23rd, 5pm CDT: My polka outfit, The Bierkeller Boys Oompah Band, will take on our first socially-distanced shows: Octoberfest Lite @ Urban Chestnut Midtown, St. Louis. Limited tix still available on select dates!

And in personal updates:

Julia and I got bikes and rode them to the most award winning Bur Oak in MO:

The cats are doing well:

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