July/August News

Hi everyone,

Finishing school really took the wind out of this site’s sails. Then covid and finding work.

And much more importantly, I’ve been spending time in the past month engaging with the Black Lives Matter movement, considering my own biases, and supporting changes to the institutions that I engage with. It wasn’t a time for self-promotion and I move forward cautiously. Issues of equity for BIPOC deserve more space than they have ever gotten. If you haven’t yet spent time with these issues–you should. If you’d like to have a conversation about my involvement and what you can do–let’s do it.

I’m pivoting the old news segment of this site into a newsletter format, which will continue to be archived on the site. If you’d like to receive notes about what I’m up to–at most bi-monthly, more likely bi-monthly (wait…), you can sign up here:

Two new music festivals are culminating this weekend with four concerts. In each, I play a different role:

Today! Friday July 31st, 9pm CDT: Mizzou International Composer’s Festival presents a drive-in concert of audiovisual works. You can also stream online. A great collection of intermedia heavyweights, Mizzou composers, and festival participants.

Saturday, August 1st, 8pm CDT: The MICF Finale includes music and conversation with MU student Daniel Fitzpatrick, Meredith Monk, and me. Performers include Alarm Will Sound, Khemia Ensemble, and Mizzou New Music Ensemble. The show concludes with two works by Pauline Oliveros performed by all three ensembles.

Details about MICF can be found in this remarkable festival guide designed by David Rygiol. Credit also for the featured photo.

Saturday and Sunday, August 1st & 2nd, 3pm CDT: New online-only DIY new music program zFestival concludes with two galas, each including 16 world premieres written, performed, and mixed (that’s me!) by fellows of the festival. Stream on their YouTube.

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