From Top: (left to right)

genealogy I was written for the 2018 Fresh Inc. Festival, where it was performed by members of Fifth House Ensemble and other festival participants. It follows Foucault’s concept of Genealogy, and the idea of many tiny histories.

Happy’s Pizza — a music video from my rock band, the Lake Effects.

In Search of a Beer Mug — a performance of my saxophone quartet by the Donald Sinta Quartet. The title comes from a short story of the same name by longtime family friend, Bill Melvin.

the color you thought you thought — solo conceptual audio/video work exploring the nature of pitch and color memory

The static then consumes you — winning composition (1st juried prize, audience favorite) from the 2017 GVSU New Music Ensemble Microworks Competition, a yearly competition which solicits 60-second works in response to artwork–in this case, Nayda Collazo-Llorenz’s Comfortably Numb.

Tracks from RETURN (next three videos) — Live performances of three tracks from the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble‘s most recent release, RETURN. The tracks were created by Adam Cuthbert, Daniel Rhode, and Matthew Finch, GVSU alumni and founders of Brooklyn-based record label slashsound. The ensemble parts were composed by me.