Table Top Indie Schlock — percussion quartet — performed by Sō Percussion — dissects and reinterprets the forms and development methods of trendy indie rock

To Beginnings — a percussion trio about aluminum cans performed by Sō Percussion Summer Institute participants on aluminum cans

Genealogy I — performed by members of the 2018 Fresh Inc. Festival — explores Foucault’s concept of tiny histories

Happy’s Pizza — performed by my rock band, The Lake Effects — clowns.

In Search of a Beer Mug — performed by the Donald Sinta Quartet — written after a short story by William H. Melvin

the color you thought you thought — audio-visual work about human memory and the relationships of sight and sound

the static then consumes you — winning composition from the 2017 GVSU New Music Ensemble Microworks Competition

dearest rewinder these — written Dan Rhode, arr. Niko D. Schroeder — on GVSU New Music’s Innova release, RETURN