Replay! Hear my music this weekend!

Thanks to a yuge win at the GVSU New Music Ensemble Micro-Works Competition (1st place piece HERE), there are now two opportunities to hear my music this weekend!

Friday, March 31st: Hear the GVSU New Music Ensemble take on both of my competition-winning pieces at a recital curated by the esteemed (and retiring) Dr. John Schuster-Craig. Program includes Babbitt, (J.L.) Adams, Mazzoli, Augusta Read Thomas, and several fellow prize-winners from the competition. 7:30pm, GVSU Main Dance Studio (Facebook event HERE)

Saturday, April 1st: Join us at Anna Petrenko’s senior recital, where she and Lindsay Myers replay my piece for two saxophones and tape, wicked problems. They premiered the piece earlier this month at a regional saxophone conference, and I’m very excited to hear the piece in person this time. Program includes Mellits, Nyman, Villa Lobos, Mackey, and Yoshimatsu. Noon, SVS Recital Hall (Facebook event HERE)

And, in case you’re into this sort of thing, I’ll be playing contemporary tuba music with my tuba quartet at our bass tubist’s recital (which curiously doesn’t have a facebook event–April 1st, 3pm, SVS Recital Hall) and some jazz with my good friend Steve at a farm mixer (yeah…that’s a real thing–HERE).

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