Cate Tremblay’s “Devastate” (Film Score)

Cate Tremblay, a Grand Valley experimental filmmaker, recently completed her senior project, “Devastate.” The five minute film reflects on nature and violence, and I was lucky to be asked to write and record the score.

This is by far the largest project that I have ever taken on, featuring more than 10 instruments performed by four musicians, and for which I completed all of the recording, mixing, and mastering. I am incredibly grateful for the hours put in by musicians Bailey Groendyke, Lukas Schroeder, and Gabe Ellis, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Much of the influence for the quieter sections came from the reflective music that the New Music Ensemble has been performing recently, and you’ll hear noise/industrial influences in the heavier parts. I recommend listening on headphones with the volume relatively high (or Dolby Digital Surround Sound, ha!) since it was mixed for film.


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