Welcome! 2 new recordings available

Hello friends, and thank you for visiting my new site.

I’ve just gotten two new recordings of my works: one old and one new.

The more recent is a recording of the premiere of my piano trio, Like Ravel to the Blues. Many thanks to Jenna Michael, Kevin Flynn, and Angie Schmitt, who dedicated time to practicing, rehearsing, interpreting, and performing the work. You can find that recording HERE (courtesy of the sound engineer Nate Bliton).

The other recording is an unedited copy of my winning piece from the 2016 GVSU New Music Ensemble composition competition. It’s an upbeat 60-second work meditating on a Ursa (the constellation) going on a journey to find a mate. You can find that recording HERE.

I’m happy to hear your feedback!

– Niko

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