Tom Huizenga (NPR First Listen) described it “in terms of its arresting atmospherics… a high point for Ryan, his ensemble and former students,” FFO: “Max Richter, Daniel Wohl, Hauschka and the remarkable Jacaszek.” Peter van Cooten (, “a stunning set of compositions… A fusion of two worlds coming together in an exceptional way.”

Adam Cuthbért, Daniel Rhode, and Matt Finch /return/ to the New Music Ensemble of their alma mater to release the new record tomorrow night at 7:30pm on Grand Valley’s campus. The show includes several songs from the new CD and will begin with a solo trumpet/electronic composition/improvisation by composer Adam Cuthbért. Details here.

The CD is a remarkable hybrid of acoustic and electronic gestures–written by the composers, recorded by the ensemble, and then hacked, smashed, and digitally reimagined by the trio of GV alums at the center of their record label, slashsound. Because of the heavy processing and reworking by the composers, the instrument that you’re hearing is only sometimes apparent.

Usually, it is not.

Want to get a taste? four/ten media dropped a video last week (embedded below), and the album is available for streaming on NPR’s First Listen until the release. Grab a copy on Amazon or iTunes (psst–it’s cheaper straight from Innova Recordings), or nab a physical for just $5 (!!!) tomorrow night after the the incredible players of the NME demolish some live arrangements (Friday Oct. 27th).

Very honored to have the recording credits for this one, and very excited to share it with the world. Working with GVSUNME is always a wild ride, and this homegrown production is particularly special to the ensemble–GVSU’s first CD of works composed, recorded, and produced by GVSU faculty, alumni, and students.

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