The Lake Effects Kick off our Album-Funding Campaign for “Ioway”!

unnamedTwo days ago, my band, the Lake Effects, launched a pre-order/funding campaign for our new album, titled “Ioway.” It will be the band’s first full LP and marks one of my most significant achievements as a composer and performer.

We’re incredibly grateful that we’ve already received extensive support from our friends, families, and peers–we’re almost 25% of the way to our goal! Musicians and friends from both sides of the aisle–rock and roll and contemporary classical–have already contributed, pre-ordered, and shared our promotional materials across the States and the world.

In an effort to create as much value for our fans as we can, we’ve created as unique and engaging of a rewards scheme as possible–anything from stickers and an advanced copy of the album to a no-holds-barred clown party featuring cuisine and music provided by yours truly. Pre-ordering includes access to a lot of other perks, including exclusive studio updates and a live-streamed album-listening party one week ahead of the physical release show.

I could not be more proud of my band and the work that they have done to make our music come to life, and the extra hours they’ve put in to put the media together for this campaign. The most rewarding aspect of this, for us, is the numerous fans that have put their $8 in to hear our music–anything beyond that is particularly special. If you’ve enjoyed the Lake Effects previous release, “My Friends All Left Me,” or are interested in being among the first to hear my newest work, I urge you to check out the video we put together to discuss the album below, and, of course, visit the album’s GoFundMe page here.

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