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Niko, Mak, Gabe, and Lukas in concert as the Lake Effects


Dylan Grosser writes on my career, with some kind words from family and mentors (Grand Valley Lanthorn)
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Claire Fisher reports with the Grand Valley Lanthorn (campus newspaper) on the 2016 GVSU New Music Ensemble Composition Competition:

[Canvas the Bear] was the one piece out of all of them that made everyone crack a smile at one point, It was funny. It was jazzy. It was impeccably crafted all the way throughout…[in Threnody], everything that came through, there wasn’t any question about what (Schroeder) wanted the listener to hear. So that’s simply great orchestration.”
– Alexander Miller, Composer and Assistant Principal Oboist with the Grand Rapids Symphony.

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Sidney Selvig with the Grand Valley Lanthorn in preparation for the 2017 GVSU Composition Competition
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Marie Orttenburger with Great Lakes Echo (environmental conservation) on the GVSU interdisciplinary exhibit “Great Lakes: Image & Word”
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Matthew Makowski with GVNow  (campus publicity magazine) on the 2016 GVSU New Music Ensemble Composition Competition
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Matthew Makowski with the Grand Valley Magazine (alumni magazine) on the 2016 GVSUNME National Parks Tour
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With the Lake Effects

Jessica with Under Bright Lights on “Ioway” and with the band
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Ben Steer with WYCE on “Ioway”
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Marie Orttenburger with Mostly Midwest announcing two singles from “Ioway”
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Jessica with Under Bright Lights on “My Friends All Left Me”
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Moriah Gilbert with the Grand Valley Lanthorn on “Beta”
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