yr Mallet, yr Hammer

yr Mallet, yr Hammer | orchestra – 2(I=picc).2.2.2 – – timp.perc(2) – pno – str | 8″ | 2018
commissioned | Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield
premiered | Mizzou University Philharmonic @ University of Missouri 2019 Chancellor’s Arts Showcase, Missouri Theater, Columbia MO
recording | Mizzou University Philharmonic, dir. Barry Ford
audio | Lindervox Sound

In his 1918 manifesto Le coq et l’arlequin, Jean Cocteau made a request of twentieth-century composers: “I want someone to make me music that I can live in like a house.” I’m struck by this statement—particularly by the implication that one must demolish the castle to build their home. yr Mallet, yr Hammer addresses the construction of such a musical environment–demolishing and building, entropy and order.

The piece is not a hammock, garland, or gondola. It is neither a race-horse nor a tight-rope. It is not music in which one might lie and soak. The comfortable opening material quickly devolves into loosely controlled chaos. From this inferno, a structure is built and destroyed. The cycle continues.

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