Three Pictures for Tuba and Marimba

Three Pictures for Tuba and Marimba | 10′ | 2016
commissioned | Makenzie Mattis and Lukas Schroeder
premiered | Makenzie Mattis & Lukas Schroeder @ Grand Valley State Octubafest 5, no. II
recording | premiere
audio | Nate Bliton, Niko D. Schroeder

The three movements of this piece are:

I. between a church and a highway in the foothills of the Missouri River
II. saying “I Love You,” then vomiting it drunkenly in an alley downtown
III. Winston the dog chases monsters through a castle in San Jose

Other performances:

Makenzie Mattis & Lukas Schroeder @ Makenzie’s Senior Recital, Grand Valley State

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