good cloud days

good cloud days | tenor saxophone with piano | 12″ | 2019
commissioned | AJ Pratt, Ben Harting, Andrew Hosler, Daniel Vega, Jake Hewitt, Lisa Keeney, Darwin J. McMurray, Samantha Meyers, & Chelsey Parker
premiered | AJ Pratt & Hannah Creviston @ 2019 NASA Region 2 Conference, University of Arizona
recording | premiere

good cloud days was conceptualized during the long drives up the Hitt Street Parking Garage to arrive at my rooftop parking spot. Views of surprisingly diverse architecture are offered by my not-so-convenient parking, where the ambience of the Mizzou campus is rivaled by sounds from downtown, the highway, and the construction site of a new music building. Plus, the clouds are often quite nice.

Additional Performances:

Ben Harting and Libby Roberts @ Student Composers Recital, University of Missouri
AJ Pratt & Hannah Creviston @ Masters Recital, University of Arizona

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