genealogy I

Genealogy I | piano, cello, violin | 8″ | 2018
commissioned | Fresh Inc Festival
premiered | Katherine Petersen, Meghan Faw, and Danny Hoppe @ Constellation Chicago, Fresh Inc. Festival, June 6th, 2018
recording | premiere
audio and video | Fresh Inc Festival

Nietzsche and Foucault’s genealogical method positions itself in opposition to the traditional method of historical analysis. The traditional method seeks a direct lineage of moral thought that leads back to a pure and untainted origin. It presumes a somewhat linear path of the development of morality.

Conversely, the genealogical method supposes that though such an origin might exist, the linear development is easily disproven by collecting and analyzing history from the places in which it is not often sought. Genealogy is painfully rigorous in this way–no big picture can be easily captured from the many disjointed events. It demonstrates a more complex and less digestible truth than what is often held from a traditional standpoint. It is “gray, meticulous, and patiently documentary.”

genealogy I is about histories outside of history. It supposes each disconnected instance  is an origin of its own, each adding its own complexity to a growing web of histories.

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