Contrapunctus // Song

Contrapunctus // Song | amplified sinfonietta | 9′ | 2020, rev. 2022
commissioned | Mizzou International Composers Festival 2020
premiered | Alarm Will Sound @ Mizzou International Composers Festival 2022
recording | David Myers

I don’t know too much about writing songs or contrapuncti. Contrapunctus // Song is both and neither.

Mostly neither.

The piece is constructed in such a way that the entropy of musical figures transforms slowly over time. You can listen for the fluctuations of metric entropy, contrapuntal entropy, melodic entropy, and more. Though many of my works are grounded in a conceptual or extramusical framework, this piece was written during a difficult time for my career and my family, when I needed music to just be music, melodies to just be melodies, and notes to just be notes.

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