Construction (excerpt) | pierrot & 2 percussion | 5″ | 2019
commissioned | Mizzou New Music Initiative
premiered | Mizzou New Music Ensemble @ Sinquefield Music Center, Columbia MO
recording | Mizzou New Music Ensemble, dir. Yoshiaki Onishi
audio | David Myers
video | Mizzou Visual Productions

Construction was written for the opening of the new music building at the University of Missouri, Columbia. This occassion was awaited for years, and we eagerly watched the construction progress. Our anticipation grew as the center gained its remarkable features–the landscaping, balconies, and towering windows.

This piece dwells on our collective anticipation and portrays the way in which our restless energy will inhabit the new center. The propulsive, bubbling musical figures fade into noise–a sonic representation of the boundless enthusiasm that each new class of music students will bring to the construction.

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