Concert Music

In Search of a Beer Mug
— SATB saxophone quartet — was written for the Donald Sinta Quartet. The title comes from a short story of the same name by longtime family friend, Bill Melvin. The music begins where the story ends.

genealogy I — piano trio — was written for the 2018 Fresh Inc. Festival, where it was performed by members of Fifth House Ensemble and other festival participants. It follows Foucault’s concept of Genealogy, and the idea of many tiny histories.

Do Not Weep — TTBB choir w/ piano — was written for the Grand Valley State University Varsity Men’s Glee Club and features a quartet of male soloists.

wicked problems — alto sax, tenor sax, tape — is a bifurcated piece that explores the various ways in which humanity interacts with nature.

Three Pictures for Tuba and Marimba is a three movement work dedicated to my brother Lukas and dear friend Makenzie Mattis. Each movement reflects on a location or experience–real or imagined.

Canvas the Bear — Pierrot ens. + sax, perc — was written for the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble’s 2016 National Parks Tour. It imagines the life of a black bear that I encountered as a terrified 10-year-old, and one day the work might be played for that bear if it’s performed in enough National Parks.

a room with no roof — solo tuba — was written for a concert at Grand Valley State Library, put on in an atrium-like garden on the third floor that features a Turrell-like light sculpture in lieu of a roof.