wicked problems

premiered by Anna Petrenko and Lindsay Myers @ NASA Region 5 Conference, Indiana-Purdue University – Fort Wayne, March 5th, 2017

wicked problems was written for Anna Petrenko, Darwin McMurray, Karsten Wimbush, and Lindsay Myers. Karsten and I traveled together with the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble on their second National Parks Tour, at which time the foundation for this commission was developed. We both hold a powerful, spiritual reverence for nature, and that concept is the focus of our piece.

In the parks, I saw enough irreverence to be deeply disturbed, and, as a composer, I don’t know what better way to address the wicked issues that we face as a society than through raising my voice in my compositions.

I am certainly not the first.

This bipartite piece presents the ways in which humankind can exist sustainably with
nature, and the ways in which humankind can stomp and consume it.


Other performances:

Anna Petrenko and Lindsay Myers @ Anna Petrenko’s Senior Recital, SVS Recital Hall, Grand Valley State University, April 1st, 2017

Anna Petrenko and Lindsay Myers @ Grand Valley State University Student Recital Hour, CDC Chapel, April 7th, 2017