a patchwork dream

premiered by Julia Bovee and Lonnie Ostrander @ Octubafest V, No. 2, GVSU 1410, Nov. 4th, 2016

a patchwork dream (5′) was written for my dear friend and fellow euphonist, Julia Bovee. The work is in ternary form–the first theme presents a floating euphonium line played over an energetic and unrelenting piano riff, and the second theme is an art-song parody that quickly degenerates into crashing, dissonant piano noises. A quick jaunt through one more dreamscape returns us to the first theme, which is fragmented with pointillistic interjections in both parts. Recording forthcoming.

Other performances:

Julia Bovee and Lonnie Ostrander @ It’s Happening; A Senior Composition Recital, GVSU 1410, Nov. 20th, 2016