List of Works

Underlined works have a recording available online.


good cloud days – tenor saxophone with piano, 2019
Guided Reverie for Vibraphone
– vibraphone, interactive electronics, 2017
Mandoline –
soprano voice with piano, 2016
a patchwork dream – euphonium with piano, 2016
photogravure miniature – unaccompanied tuba, 2015
a room with no roof – unaccompanied tuba, 2014


grown, ungrown – Roomful of Teeth, 2018
Duck your Modernism! –
two musicians and referee, 2018
genealogy I
 – piano trio (pno, vln, vcl), 2018
wicked problems
alto sax, tenor sax, fixed media, 2017
Quartet for Trombones –
TTTB trombone quartet, 2016
Gabriel has a Conversation with Art – two actors with Live remixing, 2016
Three Pictures for Tuba and Marimba, 2016
Canvas the Bear (extended version) – Pierrot ensemble + sax & perc, 2016
Like Ravel to the Blues – piano trio (pno, vln, vcl), 2016
In Search of a Beer Mug saxophone quartet, 2015
fang and lip music – brass quintet, 2015

Works written for the GVSU New Music Ensemble Microworks Competition:
2017 —
The static then consumes you (1st juried prize, audience favorite)
After darkness… (tie for 3rd juried prize)
[The atom. Television. Medicare. Collateralized debt obligations. The germ theory of disease. Miniskirts. The internal combustion engine. Computers. Anti-biotics. Lady Gaga.]

2016 —
Canvas the Bear (60-second version) (1st juried prize, audience favorite)
Threnody [3] (tie for 2nd juried prize)
[and whispers along the shore] OR Battle Scene for a Still Lake
2015 —
Chief Noonday Dutifully Ignores the Artwork Set Out Before Him
Music from the Inside
River Flowing

Large Ensemble

yr Mallet, yr Hammer – orchestra, 2019
a great big hymn –
wind band, 2018
Do Not Weep
– TTBB chorus, piano, and solo TTBB quartet, 2016

Collaborative and Intermedia Projects

–  the color you thought you thought, video/audio, 2018
–  live arrangements for GVSU New Music Ensemble/slashsound album “RETURN” – Pierrot ensemble + sax & perc, 2017: dearest rewinder these, background refresh, and glacier, 2017
–  Behold this compost!
 (Co-composed with Lukas Schroeder) – e. gtr, e. bass guitar, spoken poetry, Live remixing, 2017
–  Ioway (album) – The Lake Effects2017
–  Ollie
– Secret Grief, brass arrangements, forthcoming
–  Waiting for Niko – four pieces for cln, vla, vcl, gtr, pno, two tenors, 2016
–  Devastate (a short film by Cate Tremblay) – soundtrack, 2016
–  My Friends All Left Me (EP) – The Lake Effects2015
–  Same Damn Chords (EP) – Atomic Time Machine, 2013

all works © Wretched Toad Music, except Same Damn Chords & Ollie