Niko hits the road

Wow! It's been more than a year since I've been in school, which took me by surprise. I've been teaching, teching, and touring more than I ever was able during class, which has been equal parts fulfilling and eye-opening. However, I crave the structure, camaraderie, and growth that the academic environment engenders, so I'm very … Continue reading Niko hits the road


Behold this compost! behold it well.

It's not often that I get to release multiple projects in a week, and this one is particularly special because I was able to collaborate with my hungry, hungry brother (pictured above--or is that me?). This piece served as our senior honors project at Grand Valley State University--still chuckling that we got away with that … Continue reading Behold this compost! behold it well.

I’m naked, buddy-boy

A recurring and resonant message from the resident composers at the New Music Festival @ Bowling Green (that's Sarah Kirkland Snider and Steven Mackey, if you're wondering) was encouragement towards authenticity, self-reflection, and self-discovery--a complex issue to unpack, as they noted. As they recognized repeatedly, separation from social, hierarchical, and musical influences is damned near … Continue reading I’m naked, buddy-boy


Tom Huizenga (NPR First Listen) described it "in terms of its arresting atmospherics... a high point for Ryan, his ensemble and former students," FFO: "Max Richter, Daniel Wohl, Hauschka and the remarkable Jacaszek." Peter van Cooten (, "a stunning set of compositions... A fusion of two worlds coming together in an exceptional way." Adam Cuthbért, Daniel Rhode, and Matt Finch /return/ to … Continue reading RETURN