Sounds of the Summer/Sounds in Detroit

Hello, sorry. Turns out applying to grad school is a lot of work. Who knew? The Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble rips a preview of their collaborative CD with collective slashsound at Strange Beautiful Music X in Detroit this weekend; 4pm Saturday. In celebration of the new music marathon’s decennial, the concert is […]

Waiting for Niko

This weekend, I finally released the recordings of my collection of songs, Waiting for Niko. The four tracks were composed, arranged, rehearsed, performed, and recorded for my senior project at Grand Valley State. The works are particularly meaningful to me because of the countless hours that my very musical friends Ryan, Liz, Nic, and Gabe put […]

“Don’t forget to use your dynamics!”

“Don’t forget to use your dynamics!” was a phrase that I heard before every single solo and ensemble performance in high school. Somehow, my mom understood that, by obsessing over every technical detail, frack, and/or missed line, I would overlook every element of expression in toto. I still think about that before most performances (though she rarely tells […]

Replay! Hear my music this weekend!

Thanks to a yuge win at the GVSU New Music Ensemble Micro-Works Competition (1st place piece HERE), there are now two opportunities to hear my music this weekend! Friday, March 31st: Hear the GVSU New Music Ensemble take on both of my competition-winning pieces at a recital curated by the esteemed (and retiring) Dr. John Schuster-Craig. Program includes […]

2017 Winter Performances

I’m very excited that several excellent performers from Grand Valley are premiering works by me this semester, and I hope you’ll join me if you’re nearby: March 4th: Anna Petrenko and Lindsay Myers premiere my “Wicked Problems” for saxophones and tape on a recital at the North American Saxophone Alliance Region 5 Conference at Indiana University-Purdue […]

Premieres Premieres Premieres! Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Hello all, Many new works by me and commissioned by my tuba quartet will be performed and live-streamed in the coming month. I would be honored if you lent an ear (and thank you to my dear friends for playing these pieces!) All department streaming is available at Friday, Nov. 4th at 5pm, SVS Recital Hall: […]

GVSUNME Media from the National Parks

Photos are up from the New Music Ensemble’s tour through the national parks from this summer! Peruse hundreds of excellent shots from our in-house media expert (and graduate student in composition), John Jansen. Check it out HERE. Audio and video will be released from the tour soon–including performances of my piece, Canvas the Bear. A […]