Behold this compost! behold it well.

It’s not often that I get to release multiple projects in a week, and this one is particularly special because I was able to collaborate with my hungry, hungry brother (pictured above–or is that me?). This piece served as our senior honors project at Grand Valley State University–still chuckling that we got away with that […]

wicked problems

I’m delighted to finally release this audio from a session with two of the commissioners, Anna Petrenko and Lindsay Myers. I’ve spent a dreadful amount of time staring at Finale and Word recently, so it was particularly refreshing to reminisce about this very collaborative project. This piece simply could not have existed without Bill Ryan and […]

I’m naked, buddy-boy

A recurring and resonant message from the resident composers at the New Music Festival @ Bowling Green (that’s Sarah Kirkland Snider and Steven Mackey, if you’re wondering) was encouragement towards authenticity, self-reflection, and self-discovery–a complex issue to unpack, as they noted. As they recognized repeatedly, separation from social, hierarchical, and musical influences is damned near […]


Tom Huizenga (NPR First Listen) described it “in terms of its arresting atmospherics… a high point for Ryan, his ensemble and former students,” FFO: “Max Richter, Daniel Wohl, Hauschka and the remarkable Jacaszek.” Peter van Cooten (, “a stunning set of compositions… A fusion of two worlds coming together in an exceptional way.” Adam Cuthbért, Daniel Rhode, and Matt Finch /return/ to […]

Sounds of the Summer/Sounds in Detroit

Hello, sorry. Turns out applying to grad school is a lot of work. Who knew? The Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble rips a preview of their collaborative CD with collective slashsound at Strange Beautiful Music X in Detroit this weekend; 4pm Saturday. In celebration of the new music marathon’s decennial, the concert is […]

Waiting for Niko

This weekend, I finally released the recordings of my collection of songs, Waiting for Niko. The four tracks were composed, arranged, rehearsed, performed, and recorded for my senior project at Grand Valley State. The works are particularly meaningful to me because of the countless hours that my very musical friends Ryan, Liz, Nic, and Gabe put […]

“Don’t forget to use your dynamics!”

“Don’t forget to use your dynamics!” was a phrase that I heard before every single solo and ensemble performance in high school. Somehow, my mom understood that, by obsessing over every technical detail, frack, and/or missed line, I would overlook every element of expression in toto. I still think about that before most performances (though she rarely tells […]