a quiet semester, but with color

Hello everyone, happy holidays. As the title notes, this semester has been mostly quiet, publically quiet. That's not to say memories haven't been made--Pulitzer-winning chamber choir Roomful of Teeth privately read a new work of mine, a new batch of ducks took the stage for the first time, and I premiered my first solo audio/video work … Continue reading a quiet semester, but with color


Canvas the Bear RETURNS (again)!!!

Dear adoring fans of Canvas the Bear, It's with great pleasure that I announce that the full-length version of Canvas the Bear will be making its Michigan debut this month. The work will appear at two concerts alongside other tunes commissioned by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble. Each piece was written specifically … Continue reading Canvas the Bear RETURNS (again)!!!

New Video!

Tony Byrne, a longtime friend and collaborator (remember THIS?) has put out another portrait of his travels--this time through urban India--and sourced the audio from one of my recent collaborations, Waiting for Niko. Good shots, and engaging pacing. You can see India // 2018 with accompanying audio Brothrrs (excerpt) below: